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Hiring a Skip FAQ’s

When can I have my Skip?

Our delivery times are Monday to Friday 7:00 to 17:30 and Saturdays 7:00 to 12:00. We can arrange specific drop off and collection times, so please let us know if you require this. We can usually offer a same day service, but would suggest you give us 24hours notice to ensure your requirements can be met.

Where can I place my skip?

For householders correct positioning of the skip is vital. A skip needs to allow for a 9ft entrance and is up to 12ft long. Most drives are suitable but thought should be taken to the quality of the surface; as lorries can be heavy. Tell us what you have. Also you may have exposed drain covers, low branches, or a restricted access.

Please do not hesitate to call Franks for advice, we are often happy to come and discuss with you the best way to place your skip.

What if there’s no room here for my skip?

Franks has several options to offer you, and sometimes one of our ‘grab loaders’ may be a better solution for you. A grab loader is a tipper lorry with a hydraulic arm and bucket that can reach over walls and obstructions and is ideal where there is no suitable space in which to place a skip. You simply organize with Franks a time when our driver can come and ‘grab’ your waste. We can also offer a “wait and load” service where our driver will park whilst you load the skip. If in any doubt talk to Franks and we will do our best to help.

Can I put my skip on the road?

Make sure you actually own the land – you might not own the grass verge in front of your house! Depending on where you live, we can provide a permit saving you the trouble:

  • Don’t place your skip over manhole covers or any other utility access.
  • Make sure your skip is easy to see: Place reflective material on both ends of it and cones or flashing lights around it if it’s dark or foggy.
  • Keep all contents inside your skip: If things stick out it may be dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.
  • Don’t overfill your skip. It is illegal.
  • Don’t put your skip on the pavement, or where it might obstruct access to your neighbours’ driveways.

What can I put in my skip?

Most types of building waste can be taken including bricks, rubble, wood, glass, soils, plastics and so on.

Environmental legislation restricts these wastes within the skips: asbestos, computer monitors, televisions, aerosols, gas canisters, paint cans, fridges or freezers. Also, a fire must never be started in a skip. However, subject to prior notification we can deal with these waste types for you. Please contact us for further information. If you happen to have any of these things or materials, ask your skip hire company, they should be able to help or suggest someone who can.

If you have any doubts talk to Franks first.

What happens to my waste?

Franks (J & J Franks Limited) possess a valid Waste Carrier License and operate licensed waste facilities that are strictly monitored and controlled by the Environment Agency. The waste is transported to our own on-site Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where it is screened to recover all recyclable materials. Every effort is made to avoid sending waste to landfill.

J & J Franks is authorised to dispose of inert waste to landfill at our Betchworth Site under Environment Agency Permit number BV 3693 IU.

Environment Agency Waste Management Licence Number EAWML 83667 allows J & J Franks Ltd to recycle and process household and commercial waste and hazardous materials including asbestos and WEEE waste.

Make sure the skip hire company you choose is registered as Environment Agency approved.

How long do I have the skip for?

When you have filled the skip, simply call Franks to arrange its collection. Skip hire period is 10 days.

How can I pay for my skip?

Payment including VAT is payable in advance via the telephone or payment on delivery.

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